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5x5 Telecom

Phone. Television. Internet. Simplified.

5×5 Telecom is an Internet Service and VoIP phone company specializing in offering the fastest and highest quality services at affordable prices. 5×5 combines the highest level of quality and services, incredibly tenant-friendly technology, and Connected Square Footage™. What does that mean? Assurance your daily technology needs are met, and tenants are free to grow and run their businesses without technology constraints. For more information or to get a quote, please call (213) 465-4036.



5×5 Telecom provides data directly to tenants, thanks to the latest fiber technology, which means the fastest, most powerful network connection – and the safest.

VOIP - Telephone

From boutique satellite offices to corporate headquarters, we provide economical, robust business-class VoIP services to fit your needs. All backed by nation-wide support.


5×5 Telecom owns and operates the full-building redundant fiber-based internet backbones, so every tenant can reply on uninterrupted connectivity at all times.


Benefits and Privileges are available exclusively to Luxury Attaché clients. 
To take advantage of these offers, or for more information, please contact your Attaché.