What is an Attaché?   

A lifestyle expert well-versed in the language of luxury. A dreamer, an over-achiever, a doer, and an innovator. An Attaché is resourceful, making the impossible possible and continuously going above and beyond to not only meet a client’s every need, but to far exceed expectations. The ask may be ordinary, but the delivery is always extraordinary. It’s the Attaché way.  

As an Attaché, you will facilitate the luxurious lifestyle that our clients lead. You will serve as the go-to guru for all things lifestyle, and your clients will look to you for your expertise. You will leverage your network to secure impossible tables at the hottest spots in town, lock in courtside seats to a sold-out game, procure rare and coveted gifts for your client’s wife’s birthday, and assist in planning the perfect celebratory event. You will build your ever-evolving connections through attending industry events and proactive efforts, from an exclusive menu tasting at the neighborhood’s newest hotspot to previewing the season’s hottest cultural happenings.  


Attaché will handle a range of responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  • Book travel, including hotel and transportation
  • Make dining reservations at New York's most coveted restaurants
  • Welcome residents and be a great first impression
  • Coordinate thoughtful events and ongoing programs that introduce the best local service providers
  • Arrange premium tickets to in demand shows, sporting events and concerts  


Being a successful Attaché requires an elevated skill set, city savvy, and passion for the field. Qualifications include:  

  • In-depth knowledge of New York and surrounding areas
  • Polished appearance and positive demeanor
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask successfully
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong networking skills; existing contacts in the New York hospitality markets
  • Bachelor's degree level or higher   


Salary is commensurate with industry standards; health, dental and 401k benefits offered. 



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