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There's no place like home away from home. We've rounded up our top NYC hospitality hotspots with lobbies as inviting as the rooms themselves.

1. WestHouse Hotel
There's something about the den at WestHouse that makes us want to move in permanently. Perhaps it's the cozy fireplace and ornate 1920s décor. Or maybe it's the intoxicating scent, "Guests Only," curated exclusively for the hotel by 12.29. Could be the milk and cookies, or better yet, the WestHouse Attaché program powered by us. It’s the perfect setting to unwind after a long hard day of shopping.

2. The Quin Hotel
The Quin’s lobby, also referred to as the “City Stage,” subtly reflects the building’s rich artistic history while showcasing its connection to the contemporary art world. The lobby is punctuated with striking accents including a red backsplash behind the front desk reminiscent of Carnegie Hall’s velvet curtains along with leather-wrapped columns that soar to hammered metal-plated ceilings. Rich finishes play off one another, with faux bois paneling, couture curtains and chandeliers of hand-blown glass. The Quin’s Gallery, which houses the Attaché desk and the Bergdorf Goodman-curated vitrine, is encased in a neutral, crocodile-esque pattern of pearl and marble plaster.

3. The Bowery Hotel
This boutique hotel, in a nutshell, is a time capsule, and a glam one at that. An East Village institution, The Bowery Hotel is curated by haute hôteliers Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson and transports guests back to a bygone era with its velvety lobby replete with nostalgic trinkets and richly colored décor. Take a seat by the fireplace and gaze through the expansive lobby windows; no need to head to the room for complete relaxation when this gorgeous lounge has got it all.

4. The Greenwich Hotel
Robert De Niro’s landmark TriBeCa hotel boasts one of the coziest and breathtaking lobbies that New York City has to offer. The modern yet rustic design with Japanese, Tibetan and Moroccan influences emanates exactly what is expected from a celebrity sponsorship; the building was constructed of handmade bricks and reclaimed wood accented by a carefully curated furniture collection comprised of pieces drawn from antique stores around the world. A hand-molded Terracotta and marble tile floor sets the stage for a visual experience second to none; book a stay for access to the courtyard, reserved for guests' eyes only.

5. The Wythe Hotel
Oh, how we love the Wythe in all its industrial glory. The building, a former factory constructed in 1901, overlooks the Williamsburg waterfront and boasts an incredible view of Manhattan. The lobby, rife with a myriad of curious objects, offers a modernized midcentury feel with metal and glass bookcases and delicate light lighting affixed to raw wood paneled ceilings and exposed brick walls. Factory has never been so chic.

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