DINING DIARY SF | THE CAVALIER / by Brackett Bilodeau


Over the years, San Francisco restaurateur Anna Weinberg has successfully won over the hearts (and appetites) of diners far and wide with her ever-evolving empire. The Cavalier, set in the heart of SoMa, pays homage to English gastropubs as it channels an upscale interpretation of the traditional setting. Burgundy banquettes and charcoal walls set the scene, brimming with all the bells and whistles of a carefully curated culinary experience -- a signature of Weinberg’s prowess, this time accented by taxidermy and antique books. Chef Jennifer Puccio helms the kitchen, spinning a robust tale through her menu, replete with hearty English favorites...think Welsh rarebit soufflé, a smoked salmon Scotch egg, and a Sunday roast. And no, we haven’t forgotten about the fish and chips; Puccio’s version comes complete with a minted pea salad with malt vinegar aioli, a light complement alongside delightfully contrasting star of the show. Attaché Insider: head to the back after dinner for a digestif at the pub’s slightly secret private club, Marianne’s. Contact your Attaché for reservations and more menu highlights.