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We sat down with Giulio Adriani, master pizzaiolo and owner of neighborhood newcomer SRO, NYC's one and only pizza speakeasy. Check out what he had to say:

LA: What inspired you to become a chef?
GA: My Neapolitan grandmother, "Nonna Maria" was the inspiration for me. She was an amazing cook and I was always staring at her when she was in the kitchen.

LA: Do you have a favorite pairing within your menu?
GA: I love white wines for the pizza margherita to contrast the acidity of the tomatoes... Something like a floral and fruity Falanghina.

LA:What sets your approach and style apart from similar chefs and destinations in NYC?
GA: Love. That is my secret ingredient for my pizza.

LA: Is there a favorite or specific ingredient that you like to incorporate in all your dishes?
GA: House-made mozzarella, Di Palo selection and Buonitalia specialty cheeses.

LA: Tell us about your signature pizza.
GA: Fried pizza was served in my home in Italy for decades, and my grandma was a master at making it. The Montanara is an authentic Neapolitan pie where the dough is flash-fried, toppings are added, and the pizza is finished off in a 1,000 F-degree wood-burning oven. Adding the oven finishing to this technique just removes a lot of grease and gives the opportunity to add and melt the mozzarella giving a extremely good final touch to something that was already delicious. The frying inflates the crust, giving it a pillowy texture, while adding an extra layer of rich flavor.

LA: What do you do to stay on top of the new cooking trends?
GA: I go to the farmer's market as often as possible and speak with suppliers to see what's good and available.

LA: How often do you come up with new pizza creations? Are you currently working on any right now?
GA: SRO is all about experimenting with toppings and getting immediate feedback from customers. The recipes I make are sometimes totally experimental, and sometimes simple revisions of old classics.

LA: What's your secret to the perfect crust?
GA: 36-hours of high hydration with "00" caputo flour

LA: What’s your favorite part of being a chef?
GA: I love creating pizzas at SRO. It's a secret place for special pizza lovers where it's possible for me to express my creativity and actually talk with every single customer... a hidden gem in the world of pizza where turnover and money are not the focus. The flavors, the customers and the atmosphere are the most important.

LA: Name your top Italian restaurants in the city (besides SRO, of course).
GA: Mercato for a original pasta, Emanuele is a great chef. As for pizza my best friends Roberto Caporuscio and Don Antonio do an amazing job.

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