From left: Antonio Rappazzo, Jason Weiner, and Eric Lemonides

From left: Antonio Rappazzo, Jason Weiner, and Eric Lemonides

Watch out TriBeCa: there’s a Hamptons import in the house. We sat down with the trio behind Almond for an exclusive look at the new neighborhood favorite.

Though its doors opened just over a month ago, Almond TriBeCa has already captured the hearts of local families and foodies alike with its approachable, no-frills fare and charmingly convivial atmosphere. So what’s different about this location in comparison to its Flatiron and Bridgehampton sisters? “It’s Almond, sure, but in a little bit of a new, whimsical package,” Executive Chef and partner Jason Weiner tells us over octopus terrine, lobster sausage, and other house specialties. “There’s a small plates program we rolled out for this spot that we don’t really have in the other places...we’re doing a lot of cute, little bites that are nice to be shared.” Partner Eric Lemonides adds, “Part of our idea in general is that it’s kind of mood-driven. People ask me all the time, ‘What should I have?’ I’m like, ‘It’s about your mood.’ We’ve got something for every person and every mood.”

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Image and article courtesy of Céline Bossart for Luxury Attaché

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