Omelettes and bloodys and pancakes, oh my. Check out our top city brunch destinations from down south to the Upper East.

Image courtesy of Céline Bossart

Image courtesy of Céline Bossart

1. TriBeCa Grand
Ah, freedom of choice. Not only does Grand Brunch feature live jazz and film screenings all day long, but the spread itself is something else. We're talking made-to-order Belgian waffles and omelettes, slab bacon, Doughnut Plant donuts and other fine baked goods, Russ & Daughters lox, baked ham with red chile marinade, a splendid salad selection, and more. Smartly clad staff ensure that no glass goes empty with endless mimosa, bellini, and bloodys for all.

2. Bubby's
Defending the American table is no easy undertaking, but Bubby's has it under control. Whether weekend or midnight brunching (yes, that exists), A-listers and locals alike congregate in the convivial neighborhood spot, sharing sweet and savory standouts from sourdough pancakes to huevos rancheros and Bubby's signature homemade pies. Double-crusted apple, anyone?

3. Maialino
With a house-made pastry roster second to none and the sheer pleasure of Nick Anderer's pasta before sunset, Maialino's brunch is an absolute must. Stunning park views, stellar service, and killer eats (obviously) make for the ultimate weekend dining experience -- we'd expect nothing less from a Danny Meyer spot. Go for the tonnarelli al cacio e pepe accompanied by a bacon toffee glazed brioche bun for good measure.

4. Le Bilboquet
Pinkies up, hair down. This is where the crème de la crème of NYC's socialite scene gather for a bourgeois brunch fit for a queen -- with a bit of a wild side, that is. Monsieur Delgrange's bistro is known to finish brunch off with a bang; guests from 21 to 81 dancing on tables is not exactly a rare occurrence. Cajun chicken and a side of party, please.

5. The NoMad
Four variations on a bloody under one roof? We're all in. Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's opulent neighborhood mainstay brings brunch to the next level with fan favorites from crab eggs benedict to the acclaimed roasted chicken's fun-loving cousin, a generous foie gras and truffle-heavy sandwich. Cheers to that.

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