Image courtesy of Kinfolk Magazine

Image courtesy of Kinfolk Magazine

Calling all at-home chefs: we’ve gotten our hands on the digital world’s hottest cookbook, and we’re going behind the scenes with the man behind the recipes. Meet Josh Berns, founder of GoWhisk, as we go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the concept that has brought some of the world’s most celebrated chefs to kitchen tables around the map. And not to brag, but Luxury Attaché clients are granted automatic on.

LA: Tell us a bit about yourself.

JB: I grew up cooking in a few really exciting restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. I then went to study at Tulane in New Orleans where I pursued a degree in finance with a focus on energy markets. I was recruited to trade commodity futures in Chicago, but I just couldn’t imagine sitting at a desk 18 hours a day. So I decided to combine my love of food, fitness, and travel and developed GoWhisk with my incredible partners.

LA: What inspired the idea for GoWhisk?

JB: We chose to start our company after constantly thinking "I wish I could make that at home," while dining at great restaurants around the country.

LA: So we’re guessing you’re a cook-at-home kind of guy?

JB: Absolutely! It’s always exciting to explore local markets and prepare a meal for family and friends.

LA: What’s your current recipe obsession?

JB: We recently added a roasted Moroccan carrot salad from chef Alon Shaya in New Orleans. It’s warm and boldly spiced, and perfect for a cold winter night.

LA: Your job right now consists of flying around the country and hunting down the hottest restaurants and their recipes…living the dream, in other words. What’s that like?

JB: My team and I often joke that we eat like billionaires and travel like we’re homeless. We have continuously been on the road for the better part of the past year, and are fortunate to spend a tremendous amount of time in the homes and restaurants of the greatest culinary minds in the world. This adventure has been humbling and wonderful; one thing is certain, we never go to bed hungry!

LA: Walk us through a day in the life of Josh Berns.

JB: Wherever I am in the world, the day starts the same:

6:00am — Wake up and eat a high protein breakfast, generally a big cup of black coffee, multiple eggs, and a banana.

7:00am — Head to the gym for an hour and fifteen minutes...I like to lift weights on a 5 day rotation

9:00am — Check in with our team, and respond to far too many emails.

10:30am — When on the road, we generally arrive at the chef’s home or restaurant for our photoshoot, and the food begins to cook. Yes, we’re grazing all day long.

4:00pm — Photoshoots wrap for the day, generally prior to dinner service.

4:30pm — Check in with our team again, and assist with the day’s projects.

8:00pm — Grab a bite to eat at a restaurant on our GoWhisk “hit-list.”

10:00pm — Settle in bed and respond to more emails.

LA: What does the future look like for GoWhisk?

JB: We’re building the world’s best digital cookbook and can’t wait to share our chefs’ recipes, stories, and insights.

LA: What’s the best way to get started?

JB: We’ve included an exclusive link, which will allow Luxury Attaché clients to immediately create an account on GoWhisk and begin exploring!