Behold the reverie of wonderment that is the latest brainchild of Company XIV’s Austin McCormick. Manhattan’s most avant-garde theatre troupe officially debuted its darkly dramatic rendition of Snow White earlier this month, featuring Laura Careless as The Queen, ballerina Hilly Bodin as Snow White, and Queen of the Night veteran Courtney Giannone as The Prince, all joined by a small cast of dancers and a magnificently mellifluous opera singer for a soundtrack as captivating as the show’s visual appeal. McCormick, a Juilliard graduate and mastermind behind Company XIV, spins his version of the classic fairy tale in a breathtaking contemporary concept rife with contrasting elements, from Louis XIV-era nuances and burlesque-meets-Baroque choreography to captivating design and nods to pop culture. Needless to say, this show is not to be missed. Contact your Attaché for tickets.

Luxury Attaché