Image courtesy of Céline Bossart for Luxury Attaché

Image courtesy of Céline Bossart for Luxury Attaché

Hotels and restaurants top the list of our favorite things, and when combined, well...the rest is history. Clement at The Peninsula takes the hotel dining experience to the next level with a monthly tasting series dedicated to the crème de la crème of haute spirits, drawing foodies and cocktail enthusiasts alike for an intimate evening around the communal table featuring exclusive menu selections designed to enhance the sipping experience. Here’s a peek at what’s up next on the roster:

JADE ABSINTHE | MARCH 25, 2016 | 6:00PM

Chemist and distiller Ted Breaux of Jade Absinthe presents the unique methodology behind the brand, which is analyzed and reverse-engineered from pre-ban bottles and handcrafted with original native botanicals in alembic stills according to traditional methods at Saumur, France’s historic distillery.

Joseph Drouhin wines will make an appearance on April 13, followed by Drappier Champagne on May 17. Stay tuned for details; contact your Attaché to book.