Image courtesy of culintro.com

Image courtesy of culintro.com

New York never sleeps, and neither does its denizens. Whether we’re working in the office, working out at the gym, or working on making more free time, everyone’s got to eat. That’s where late night heroes like Marc Murphy come in.

From 10pm to midnight at Landmarc’s Time Warner Center location, a small menu of Chef’s favorites are on offer alongside craft beer on tap and a specialty cocktail available only during the exclusive time frame. Chef Murphy himself weighs in on catering to the late night crowd: “The neighborhood around the Time Warner Center is incredibly vibrant and busy, even late at night since we’re really at the epicenter of Broadway and Lincoln Center. This made it a natural fit for a late night menu, and we cater to both industry people and guests,” he tells Luxury Attaché.

On capturing the late night dining set: “The atmosphere at Landmarc is fun, laid back and sets a great mood for late night dining. I wanted to highlight that by offering some different, delicious small bites that you can enjoy a little later in the evening with either a great cocktail inspired by our staff, or a beer that we don’t usually offer. We’re also serving the late night menu throughout the entire restaurant, so if you don’t want to sit at the bar, you can enjoy a snack or a nightcap in the dining room. And if you want a nice, full dinner, we’re still serving our entire menu.”

House specialties like fried artichokes, grilled boudin noir, pommes diablo, smoked salmon deviled eggs, and poutine with Bordelaise dip are on offer, and for the bartender’s choice beer and cocktail, you’ll have to see for yourself. Contact your Attaché for reservations and more details.

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